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Tips for a Smooth Move

It is important to take note of tips for a smooth move if the moving process is going to be hustle free. It is important to plan early for the move – planning includes picking the right time to do the move, getting the right moving company, making sure the funds are available, etc. Moving during the summer is not advisable. This is the time when most people are relocating and the moving companies usually hike their charges. The beginning and the end of the month is also the busiest period, the season not withstanding. Planning ahead means the schedule of the mover will fit yours and there will be ample time to foresee and solve potential problems.

Packing should be properly done and if there are expensive belongings being moved to the new house, it is advisable to seek the services of a trained packer. Packing should be done in specially designed cartons and material so that belongings do not break or get scratches and to assist in the insurance and in the unpacking. The packing should be done one or two days before the actual moving day if it is the professionals doing it. If you are doing the packing by yourself, it is important to start as soon as possible, especially if you are working. Doing the packing by yourself saves money and you are able to take special care of precious belongings.

The moving day should be carefully planned. It is important to take the day off from work to supervise the moving process. This will prevent theft and since most moving companies charge by the hour, it will prevent them from using delaying tactics to get more money. The moving company will also require your signature confirming that everything has been loaded and that everything is in a good condition. It becomes very hard to make claims if you had not checked the condition of the belongings. Planning the moving day adequately means there will be people to pack and to unpack at the new home.

To make the moving smooth, you should have visited the new home to make sure everything is in order. This way, it will be possible to get all the utilities connected on time so that a lot of time and energy is not spent on connecting and/or reconnecting the water, the gas, the electricity and the other utilities. Visiting the new home before the actual moving will also save on time and effort that would have been used in finding schools for the kids, learning where all the facilities are, etc.

It is important to make the claims as soon as possible after the moving process. This should preferably be done on the moving day and the facts should be reported in detail and sent to the relevant person and the driver of the van given a copy. This will prevent future complications with the insurance and the moving company.

To make the relocation as smooth as possible, it is necessary to do research on the moving company because some moving companies, especially those found online, are just fronts for criminal activities such as identity theft.